Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Entry for October 09, 2006

I think the first person I met in Hobucken was a fellow by the name of Jack Sadler. I had driven down from my home in Raleigh NC to look the place over and Jack was sitting on the dock with another old timer and the two of them did everything possible to dissuade me from buying the boatyard. They told me there was no deep water, the storms were frequent, the heat and the bugs hellish and in actual fact did a first class job of scaring off my then wife, but little to change my mind. If you've ever bought a car, a house or a boat you know when it feels "just right" and Pate Boatyard felt that way to me. Later, after I'd come to know Jack a bit better, he told me, "We told ya the truth didn't we?" and yes there really isn't much water in my ditch, the old boathouse floods at least once a year, and periodically the mosquitoes are so thick they look like brown clouds rising up from the grass (if you’re fool enough to walk through the grass). Quite frankly, if it hadn’t been for the people I’ve met down here, I’d have left after the first flood. Never have I ever felt more helpless then when I watched the water rising up over the steps of my deck, first one, then two, not knowing where it would stop, and the feeling of overwhelming relief when it held at the third step and started, ever so slowly, to recede.  Jack wasn’t exaggerating. This is a tough place to live in. But that’s not why he tried to keep me from buying the boatyard.

2006-10-09 13:52:43 GMT
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