Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Entry for January 05, 2007

Well it's a new year, but worth a look back...way back. Over the holidays a friend of mine found a pottery shard that he brought over to show me and I was stunned. There were beautiful star and zig zag designs cut into what looks like a naturally black clay base with small dots pushed into the rim of what was once possibly a small pot or other such vessel.

I say I was stunned, but as soon as the local folks saw it they all said that they too had unearthed many pieces of native american pottery over the years while oystering and trawling around here. I had heard and read that there were some fairly large Algonquin tribes around here, but to actually hold something in your hand that came from that era changes everything. Suddenly the people who were here long before any Europeans "discovered" this area come alive. You start to wonder who made that piece of pottery? What were they like? What was life like back then? What happened to them? And you want to know more.

There are some around here who also asked those same questions and at least one (that I know of) who's actually done some real research on the subject. Some of his findings, as well as numerous other stories of life on Goose Creek Island can be found in Odell Spain's Cap'n Dell's Stories (http://www.chapelhillpress.com/books/books_capndell.htm). It's a great book on this area that touches on some of the native sites and finds, and if you've ever been interested in what life was like in a small NC coastal fishing community I'd highly recommend it. I'd also recommend Googling Odell Spain as there are some pretty interesting articles on the ol' boy out there.

2007-01-05 17:14:00 GMT
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