Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Entry for November 23, 2006
Just before I lost power about quarter to seven Wednesday morning I heard that high tide would be about 730...well they weren't kidding. When I went back down about 7 I couldn't believe it. Water was flooding back across the road and rising rapidly. I stopped my truck out on the road and was catching telephone poles, garbage cans, stools and whatever else was floating away from the boatyard to keep it from blocking the road, all the while keeping my eye on a telephone box that was slowly sinking beneath the tide, and trying to keep my feet. The photo above was taken about 10 and we had to clean mud out of the seats of the chairs in the background, which gives you some idea of how much water was in here
2006-11-23 16:32:05 GMT
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