Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Welcome to the Pate Boatyard
Entry for October 16, 2006
Well, it's offically Fall...at least for me...had to turn the heat on saturday night and sunday afternoon cap'n jack, his grandson and myself went out for about an hour and tonged up a mess of oysters...they weren't "fat" but they weren't "poor" neither...was just another great day to be on the water...and speaking of which...it's always amazing to me around this time of year (and in the Spring), how many boats, yachts, and vessels of all kinds are heading south on the intrcoastal. At one time this morning there must have been over 20 stretched out down the canal as far as you could see from the top of the hi-rise bridge (which is a pretty good ways)
2006-10-16 22:20:30 GMT
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